Help me spread the word and win Kensington & Bayswater for Labour. 


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I’m building a team to win Kensington & Bayswater for Labour and I’d love you to join us.
There are a variety of ways you can help, no matter what your skill set or availability.

Canvas door to
door with us

Speaking to the residents is an important part of what we do, you could help us to understand the views and needs of the people of Barking

Help us
deliver leaflets

We are always looking to promote the work we do, and spread the word about of future plans. You could help us deliver leaflet with this information.

Phone voters
from home

We also like to reach our to residents by phone. You could make these calls from home, with training available through Labour’s Dialogue system.

Join the team

Do you have a skill you think could be helpful to us? I.e. are you a graphic designer, photographer, copywriter?